GxP-compliant Stability Reports within minutes without Data Revalidation

StudyGen 360 Reporter Stability

StudyReporter Stability provides a variety of pre-configured reports for regulatory submissions, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming customization. The solution offers formats and reports such as classic Stability Tables, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Shelf Life Calculations based on ICH Q1e, complex Trend Analyses with corresponding statistical processing, and APR and PQR. A full-featured template management system ensures efficient work with a wide range of stored templates.

Achieve data integrity in reporting by the push of a button.


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The perfect Reporting Add-On for your Stability LIMS

Leverage your Stability LIMS in QC and CMC departments by using an established solution to generate your complete stability reports for submission. No more tedious LIMS implementation projects with customized individual reports for regulatory approval. By making use of StudyReporter Stability you get a solution that integrates seamlessly with your LIMS and generates Stability Reports in the shortest time based on regulatory requirements.

StudyReporter Stability comes with a set of predefined and customizable interfaces to all common LIM-systems such as SampleManager LIMS™, LabWare LIMS or LabVantage or Lab notebooks. Data from several systems can also be merged, e.g. from a legacy system and a current system.

Pre-qualified table representations can be used in custom Word templates. Templates can be configured for a wide variety of purposes – whether initial approval, Ongoing Stability or PQR and APR. During generation, relevant issues such as unknown impurities, spelling errors in parameter frames, changed method definitions or the use of country-specific product specifications can be addressed and mapped easily.

Sophisticated statistical analyses that can otherwise only be implemented in separate packages with loss of data integrity are already included in StudyReporter Stability. This eliminates the need for external programs, service providers and the time-consuming revalidation of reports.

TOP StudyReporter Stability features

Predefined Report Types

  • INDA

  • NDA

  • Annual Reports and PQR/APR

Supported Stability Systems

  • up2Lims

  • Thermo Scientifc SampleManager

  • LabWare LIMS

  • LabVantage

  • SAP

ICH Q1e based Data Analysis

  • Poolability analysis

  • Shelf-life statements

  • Transparency of all statistical parameters

Your Advantages


Proven solution implemented by specialists based on 25 years of experience with stability systems.

Simple Integration

Supports all common stability LIMS, especially Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™, LabWare LIMS or LabVantage.

Real-Time Access to LIMS Data

Connection to all available LIMS systems that can map stability studies.

Preconfigured Tables and Graphics

For all kind of the stability reports.

Poolability according to ICH Q1e

Shelf-Life calculation, Shelf-Life plots and poolability analysis according to ICH Q1e, no manual creation in external software (SAS, SPSS) necessary.

Data Integrity

Combines data from multiple sources (LIMS, ELN, old LIMS).

Supported Guidelines

Aligned with current guidelines in research and development, StudyReporter Stability complements the digitalization initiatives of the pharmaceutical industry, for a secure and fast time-to-market of your products.

  • Stability data evaluation: ICH Q1e Evaluation of stability data

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