Lab Software for the Implementation of Automation and Digitalisation Strategies

Forward-Looking Lab Solutions that focus on the entire Process

“With over 30 years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we understand our customers’ applications and processes. We work with you to develop forward-looking solutions for the digitalisation of your individual laboratory processes.”

Norbert Bittner, Managing Director

Whatever the size of your laboratory and whatever your processes, our laboratory software solutions and study reporting tools can help you document and manage your sensitive laboratory and study information with the highest levels of security and flexibility.

Delivering what is truly needed

Our Mission

We provide our customers with solutions that help them reduce time, costs and risks and significantly improve the quality of their products.

Therefore, we have made it our mission:

  • to map the entire life-cycle of your product with our solutions
  • to continuously work on innovative future-oriented software solutions
  • to always put the success of your project in the foreground

You can measure us against this at any time.



What sets us apart


30 years of successful global installations in the pharmaceutical and chemical environment.

Quality & Compliance

Extensive regulatory knowledge, most experienced provider in the field of stability and bioanalytics.

Data Integrity

Future-oriented solutions for more security and automation.


Individual and flexible project management for a fast implementation especially in validated environments.


Digital implementation of automated processes – based on predefined workflows and configurable solution templates.


Our team of natural scientists, software engineers and economists.

Our Locations

Our headquarter has been located in Wörrstadt, Germany since the company was founded in 1992.

The location up to data LLC in North America, founded in 2020, accommodates the growth of our company and will contribute to the development of future-oriented Life Science informatics tools. With our presence in one of the most important biotech centers in the world, we have direct access to the pharmaceutical industry.



Going Green

Our Contribution to the Environment

Since 2018, we have had our headquarters in Wörrstadt in the building of the juwi Group, a specialist for renewable energy with a focus on project development and operational management for wind energy and photovoltaics. The building in timber construction has the highest energy efficiency and is operated completely climate neutral. Electricity and heat are generated entirely by wind, solar, and bioenergy.

We have also introduced processes such as digital signatures to reduce our paper consumption. Furthermore, we have adapted our mobility and converted our vehicle fleet to electric cars.


30 years of successful Project Work

Our History

up to data professional service was founded in 1992 as a developer of networks and database solutions based on Novell Netware and as a LIMS implementation partner for Fisons (today Thermo Scientifc) on Compaq VAC computers with 4 employees.

Today, with our business units Laboratory Information and Reporting, we offer integrated IT solutions for laboratories in chemistry and pharmaceuticals all over the world.


Foundation of up to data professional services at the location in Wörrstadt.

Start of partnership with Oracle and LabSystems (now Thermo Scientific).

Launch iStudyReporter 1.0

The first version of our fully automated report generation software for stability studies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Introduction of quality management system

First certification ISO-9001

Launch iStudyReporter 2.0

Launch of bioanalytical regulatory reports based on Thermo Scientific Watson. First customers in the USA.

New company Headquarter Schornsheimer Chaussee

The company grows, relocation with 25 employees to Schornsheimer Chaussee, Wörrstadt.

Launch iStudyReporter 3.0

Extension for further LIMS systems on other platforms (SAP, IDBS etc.), first participation at the Thermo Informatics Word in the USA.

Relocation Energie-Allee 1, Wörrstadt

Today’s company headquarter in the juwi building.

Launch up2lims 1.0

Our own LIMS solution for small and medium sized laboratories starts successfully on the market.

Foundation of up to data LLC in USA.

iStudyReporter becomes part of the StudyGen 360 family.

In the future, StudyGen 360 will serve as a platform for the different versions and technologies of our reporting solutions.