14th WRIB

up to data specialized in purpose built reporting solutions in regulatory environments will showcase the new Watson Study Archiving Module within the 14th WRIB in Phoenix again this year.

Thermo Watson LIMS is the industry standard in handling regulatory bioanalytical studies, and covers most of the important requirements from regulatory agencies. Watson supports study archiving, but the US authorities require submission-related electronic records (study data) to be archived in a human-readable format – a requirement that Watson LIMS cannot automatically fulfill. iStudyReporter Bioanalytics bridges this gap with a specialized Watson Study Archiving Module similar to automated submission documentation generation.

Eliminating manual processes in the report writing is the most promising approach to streamline extensive laboratory workflows, avoid manual errors and make a contribution to increased efficiency.

We look forward welcoming you at our booth in New Orleans.

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14th WRIB
30.03.2020 - 03.04.2020

Phoenix, USA