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Daiichi Sankyo


Daiichi Sankyo is a global pharmaceutical company that focuses on researching and marketing innovative medications. The German subsidiary, located in Pfaffenhofen near Munich is using SampleManager for more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical development. During the initial implementation, several customizations to the SampleManager system were made to add new functionality and specific reports. As many companies today, Daiichi Sankyo is updating its IT infrastructure, i.e. migrating systems to virtual environments and introducing a new database platform to reduce overall costs. As a direct result the existing LIMS had to be replaced with a state of the art solution. While doing this, there has been the chance to move away from a customized towards a configurable system.


After an evaluation of other commercially available LIM-Systems, Daiichi Sankyo decided to use SampleManager 10. This LIMS not only met the technological requirements but also ensured the complete migration of existing data to allow a smooth transition of the operational processes. By providing enhanced functionality like template designers for Reports, Labels and Forms, this version enabled a higher degree of configuration, removing the need for customization and specific reports in many areas. Migrating from Version 2004 to Version 10 also allowed leveraging existing validation and technical knowledge – saving time and reducing the cost of the project, compared to the introduction of a new LIMS. As a long-term partner of Thermo Scientific with specific knowledge in the current LIMS technology and the requirements of international life science companies, up to data was the partner of choice for Daiichi Sankyo.


  • Availability of all existing data after migration, ensuring a smooth operational transition
  • Replacing custom reports with configured reports allows for more flexible reporting
  • Enhanced flexibility and reduced validation workload by replacing customizations with standard functionality
  • Transition of existing application knowledge to current technology

System Operation and Data Migration

Due to the LIMS version change and migration to a SQL Server database, the data content of Version 2004 on Oracle had to be transformed to those of Version 10 running on SQL Server. The long-term expertise of up to data for Oracle and SQL Server was the factor of success for a smooth data conversion. In addition to the upgrade of the SampleManager LIMS, a complete platform change was performed to meet the internal IT standards. This included a new operating system version as well as the transition to a fully virtualized environment. Standardizing the overall IT infrastructure reduced the complexity of the environment. IT Resources are now used more efficiently. Isolated expert knowledge is no longer required.

Reducing Customizations

During the upgrade Project, the existing configuration and customization was evaluated with regards to the potential replacement with new SampleManager 10 functionality. For example, the new functionality for Instrument Management and Inspection Lists are now used. Replacing custom Code with standard functionality available in SampleManager 10 was one of the benefits achieved with the upgrade project.

Flexible Reporting

One area of focus during the upgrade Project was to harmonize the existing report landscape using “Explorer Folders” and “Template Reports”. This approach led to a replacement of custom reports that were developed in InfoMaker or VGL.This allows for a greater flexibility of Daiichi Sankyo. The objective of the SampleManager reporting mechanism is, that trained personnel can maintain the configured reports fast and easily. Consequently, Daiichi Sankyo decided that configuration of Forms, Folders and Reports should be performed by their LIMS Administrators. The flexible training and coaching sessions by up to data enabled the in-house administrators to approach the changing needs of reporting adequately. Future changes will be addressed by modifying the existing configuration without the need for extensive (re-)validation.


The approach to replace custom development with prevalidated standard functionality - that just needs to be configured - was reducing the overall amount of validation work. By taking advantage of a risk-based approach, Daiichi Sankyo was able to focus its validation activities on the critical functionality within their LIMS thus improving the overall validation quality.


Targeting the harmonization of infrastructure, Daiichi Sankyo achieved multiple goals:

  • Harmonization of infrastructure reduced significantly operational and maintenance cost for it
  • Elimination of LIMS customizations led to a leaner implementation that can be maintained with less resources
  • Using off-the-shelf functionality of the LIMS instead of custom code, usability was improved through standardization

With upgrading to SampleManager 10, Daiichi Sankyo made a forward-looking decision that allows following future innovations in this product in a timelier manner, thus taking full advantage of the improved software to optimize the internal processes.

Daiichi Sanyko Success Story

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